Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So I'm washing the dishes when my wife says to me, "Hey, what's this?". I walk over to the computer and there are little thumbnails of young Asian girls on the screen with strictly Asian script on the screen as well. Apparently, somebody had commented on my last blog post and went through the trouble of registering a google account and then going through the word verification process so they could spam my blog with porn (I think--I can't read any Asian script but the photos seemed to point in that general direction).

Now, I'm not opposed to porn, but it seems weird and a bit misguided to post that here. The internet is so wide open and seems to funnel people into previously unattainable niche markets, why go through the trouble and probable waste of time to post in a place where there is an exceedingly low probability of finding an interested party?

This is really just a curiosity question. I deleted the comment, like I said, not because of disapproval or disgust, but because it has no place here. Just curious about how, when a person only has so much time available to him (or her), that person wouldn't try and maximize the positive outcome from the effort by being more discerning about where they post.


And, oh yeah, Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife! ;)
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Froggymama said...

I've gotten those too. Which is just lovely for a blog about a toddler. It's unnerving. I can't imagine who has the time (apparently quite a few people in Asia) as we also get a lot of spam in Mandarin.