Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back after a long hiatus.

My life has been chugging along and I'm a bit shocked at how much time I've allowed to pass since I last posted.

The quick and dirty run down of events in the last few months. Just before my wife and I went back to the town we both grew up in, I had gotten a false alarm call for a kidney transplant. We both decided that since I appeared to be much higher up on the last than we had planned for, I would just put a hold on my plane ticket and try and use it on a future trip. I was fairly certain that even being higher up than we had thought, I was unlikely to get a call while my wife was back visiting her family for five days. So naturally, four days before Christmas, and two days before my wife was set to leave, I received another call for a kidney, which ended up being a go. She was able to get an extension for her flight as well (thank you Delta!) and just before midnight on the 21st I went into surgery.
Of course, something can always go wrong with these things, but we got through everything without any hitches, and compared to a lung transplant, this was a walk in the park. I was out of the hospital in a week, and with my immediate possible future radically different than what we had expected, I got all of my plans in place in order to return to school and finish my degree in biology. I'm supposed to start this summer.
I've been trying to make sure all the hoops I need to jump through for financial aid and registration have been jumped through, and am focused on getting my health back. I honestly don't think the experience of declining health due to end stage renal disease is close to as bad as the experience of declining lung function, but I had forgotten how much better I felt before the renal decline.
As a cf'er, I've been fairly typical in being extremely lean my whole life. I'm not tall, 5'8", and the most I've weighed is 130 lbs. With the kidney issues my weight had dropped to 110, and in order to maintain that, I was basically force feeding myself in order not to drop any further. I had forgotten what it was like to have an appetite, energy, focus. My weight has been slowly climbing back up and I'm doing more than I have been able to in quite some time.
Life is going well. We're adjusting to the new reality, a much more expansive one than before, and I'm pretty happy I didn't die, again. I received a kidney much sooner than we had thought would happen, I'm going back to school to finish my degree, I have a new nephew on the way, we can actually look to the future and believe it may be longer than we had thought.

Maybe I'll put more down later, but I thought I'd get started with something small or I might never have gotten around to it.

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Froggymama said...

I'm so glad the surgery went well. That has to be the definition of 'perspective' when you can say a kidney transplant is a walk in the park.

I have a habit of watching really horrible tv, my favorite horrible program being "Real Housewives of OC". I know, it's truly awful. But it's therapeutic in a way to watch people whose biggest problem in life is which color to pick for their pedicure. Hot pink or candy apple red? Oh the decisions. I guess it makes me feel lucky in a way to have such big life decisions regarding Froggy's care, that we're able to appreciate life on a different level.

It's wonderful to hear your feeling better and able to go back to school. Biology was one of my favorites too. Cheers!