Saturday, November 6, 2010

Carl Sagan Day

Ah, shitbirds. I didn't post this earlier in the day, but today, which is coming to an end here in the Eastern portion of the United States, is Carl Sagan Day. He was actually born on the 9th of November, but today was the celebration of his influence on popular culture through science and skepticism.
Got this from Bad Astronomy, and thought it'd be appropriate, if late.
This is done by the awesomely geeky Sara Mayhew, enjoy!

Halloween 2010

The semester is winding down and getting more insane with exams, projects, labwork. But we found the time to join in a little Halloween fun! My wife actually bought her costume from Target this year, but I for one, was pretty happy with the results. I spent way too much time building my costume, a bioluminescent jellyfish, but I'm glad I did it. Still photos don't really do it justice, but here you go:

And our lovely pumpkins:

Not sure how comfortable she'd be with me plastering the others all over the intertubes, so this is all I'll post for now: